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Women struggle to pay their bills and manage their money due to a lack of financial education. This stress often leads to decreased quality of life, hopelessness and strained relationships. My mission is to teach women how to manage their finances and build wealth via financial literacy courses and coaching. I am passionate about this because I know that with the right tools, their lives will be transformed.

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Top 6 ways to improve your credit score  It can seem like it takes forever to build good credit but it can be destroyed seemingly overnight. In the first part of this series on credit we discussed what makes up your credit score. If you missed it you can review it here. In this installment… Read More

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What is credit? Everywhere you look there are articles extolling the virtues of good credit. Everyone wants it but do you really know what it takes to achieve and maintain good credit? Do you even really need Credit? Many financial gurus who will tell you that if you pay with cash then you don’t need… Read More

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5 Practical Budgeting Tips That Work We have all seen the headlines about how your daily latte is destroying your budget. I am here to tell you that skipping coffee won’t fix your budget. Starbucks or McDonald’s alone are not what is keeping your budget from balancing each week. Your habits and systems are the… Read More

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6 No Nonsense Tips to Help You Cope Life is what happens when you are busy making plans, according to John Lennon. I would like to add that life is what happens when you have fully funded your emergency fund. That same situation could be even more stressful if you don’t have funds set aside… Read More

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, Why every child should get an allowance. To give or not to give an allowance is an age old parenting question. A quick google search of the subject will give you loads of conflicting information. Some people believe that kids should not be given an allowance unless they earn it through chores. While others… Read More

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