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Have you told your money where to go?

Sis, The struggle was real...

After a protracted divorce left me buried in legal bills and credit card debt I thought that I would never get my finances under control.

I routinely had more month than money and I was constantly stressed about how I was going to provide a quality life for my daughter.

It seemed that no matter how much overtime I worked or side hustles I tried I was never fully able to get a handle on my finances.

I knew that something had to change but I wasn’t sure where to turn. 

That is when I threw myself into learning everything I could about personal finance and applying the principles I was learning to my own life.



Eboney Byrne

I became the change...

While studying various personal finance methods I found that most of the advice that was being given was spoken from a judgment-laced masculine point of view.

There was a distinct lack of compassion, empathy, and understanding for the unique financial position that women often find themselves in after divorce.

Instead of finding inspiration to improve my finances, what I continued to find was condemnation, blame, and heaps of shaming language that often turned into to shame spirals instead of consistent budgeting strategies that I was motivated to stick to.

This is what led me to found Liberty Financial Services. I wanted to provide a safer space for women to explore their money stories, pay down debt and create a spending plan that is aligned with their values.

Eboney Byrne

How I have helped my clients...

As a Certified Financial Educator and Money Coach, I am dedicated to helping women build their financial legacy.

Through my signature coaching programs, courses, and workshops I have helped my clients:

  • Gain financial confidence
  • Improve their credit score
  • Cashflow travel
  • Pay down debt
  • Build emergency savings
  • Improve their financial security
  • Repair their relationship with money

Are you ready to build your financial legacy?

Stepping into your new life and building a healthy relationship with money can be scary, but you know in your heart that you are ready for this next step. If you’re ready, then we get to do this together.

When you work with me you won’t hear the same old dusty financial advice that tells you that you have to sell everything you own and give up everything that brings you joy.

Instead, you will learn to identify the money stories you have been telling yourself that are keeping you stuck. 

And you will gain the confidence you need to create a spending plan that is aligned with your goals and values.  

If you are ready to build a life you love then I would love to connect with you. 

Click below and let’s tell your money where to go Sis!