About Me

My name is Eboney Byrne. I am a certified financial educator and coach. I founded Liberty Financial Services because I saw a need for women to have a deeper understanding of money management and how their mindset shapes their relationship with money. Through coaching, workshops and courses I equip women with the tools they need to positively shape their financial future. I am passionate about teaching women how to manage their money with confidence. I believe that my message resonates with people because I am speaking from experience with compassion and understanding.

Two years after my divorce I found myself buried in legal bills and credit card debt because my ex-husband no longer wanted to help provide for our daughter financially. While working through the courts to compel him to fulfill his legal obligations, my legal fees and credit card debt piled up. This was a wakeup call for me because it showed me just how deeply connected my financial life was to my emotional state and the whims of other people.
Once I began to separate my emotions from my spending, I was able to create a debt repayment plan for myself that has worked for me. That is when I realized that there are so many other women in similar situations, and I was inspired to create Liberty Financial Services in order to teach women how to manage their finances in every stage of life. I truly believe that when you gain knowledge, you gain freedom and it has become my mission to help as many women as possible gain the freedom to live their best lives