The Best Debit Card for Kids in 2023

The Greenlight app, touted as a financial mentor for kids, is designed to teach responsible money handling. Beyond a simple debit card for kids, it automates allowances based on age, provides comprehensive financial education, and offers parents control over their children’s spending. The affordability, security, and adaptability to a child’s changing financial needs make Greenlight a unique tool for instilling early financial responsibility in kids.

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5 Reasons Budgeting Apps Are Holding You Back

Budgeting apps can keep track of your expenses, but they fall short on providing a tailored financial plan for personal goals. By contrast, a money coach takes an active role in your financial journey, creating a future-focused strategy, offering accountability, and providing empowerment. They provide customized plans, help build a better relationship with money, and consider emotional factors that apps often ignore, ultimately enabling you to take charge of your finances.

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Mint vs. Rocket Money: The Best Budget App for 2023

This comprehensive review compares two budgeting apps, Mint.com and Rocket Money. Mint.com offers versatile, feature-rich services including comprehensive budgeting, real-time account syncing, credit score monitoring, expense tracking, and financial education resources mostly for free. Rocket Money, a newcomer, also provides design-forward budgeting and credit-monitoring services, but real-time account updates and detailed tracking features are limited to premium users. The former is declared superior for its versatility, educational content and extensive free features, but Rocket Money could be considered for streamlined budgeting and willingness to pay for premium features.

5 Tips Every Divorced Woman Needs For Managing Her Money During Economic Uncertainty

Create a budget that can help you confidently navigate economic uncertainty The financial world is currently in a bit of a tizzy. With fears of bank collapse, roller-coaster stock markets, and constant whispers of a recession, it is feeling eerily similar to 2008. During such times, it’s critical to prioritize your spending, adjust your spending …

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